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Richer leader company  limited  is a multi-level marketing  company. Our Afro based product  is rice, it is produced  in Abakaliki, Ebony state Nigeria and has a the unique  quality  of taste and rise to fill the pot.


Our company  work with a team of rice farmer  and farmers and Millers supplying a distinct quality for our customers/partners being  a network marketing company gives our customers/ partners the opportunity to participate in marketing and distribution of the company’s products. The company has a high compasation plan for it partners that should  enable them become  financially free in 12months if achieved. The company  is established to become a direct distributor to customers with network marketing as its strategy for advert and publicity, sales and distribution

What We Offer

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Rice Farming

with our team of farmers, we make farming very lucrative and much more atractive for each and everyone.


All our products are well presented and very apealing to the eyes, we take our time; with our machines we give the best concepts.


we are open to consultations in all the areas that we specialize in. we take you through the fields with our years of experience.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

Get the best experience from your very first patronage

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Kanayo James


Patricia Williams


John Micheal


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